How to Create a Compelling Call to Action (CTA)

Calls to Action are key players in your digital marketing efforts regardless of the nature of your business and the kind of product or service your offer. As the name suggest,it must compel a visitor to take an action as they get to your landing page. But what really makes a great CTA? Here are some tips for you.

Use strong command verb

CTA must be short to become effective,so choose the right words. For e-commerce pages,verbs such as “buy,” “order,” and “shop” work the best. If you are promoting resources for free or for subscription,then you can use “download,” “sign up,” or “subscribe.” These verbs express clear actions and work effectively when combined with the right words.

Sound enthusiastic

Capitalize on your visitor’s emotions by sounding excited and enthusiastic about your offer. For instance,you can say “buy now and get special discounts!” or “book your dream adventure today!” Notice how the exclamation point at the end injects a sense of strong emotion on the CTA,making it more compelling.

Motivate with FOMO

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is another effective element that motivates people to take an action. Examples are “buy now and beat the clock sale,” “exclusive limited edition for two days only,” and “shop now while supplies last.” Like excitement,fear is an emotion that will encourage visitors to immediately act.

Experts in digital marketing HK suggest the use of creative and clever CTAs to strategically push visitors to make an action. This is where conversion begins on your landing pages so pay attention to them.

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